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Maintenance/Operations & Facilities - (619) 669 - 7750  office  /  (619) 669 - 7754  fax
Frank Garcia, Director Maintenance, Operations and Transportation (619) 669-7751
Rob MacLaren, Maintenance & Operations (619) 669-7766
Gabe Ramos, Maintenance & Operations  (619) 669-7766
Jaime Porfirio, OGMS Custodian (619) 669-7753
Luis Hernandez, JES Custodian (619) 669-7753
Norma Chait, Night Custodian (619) 669-7753

Bidding and Contracting

The Jamul Dulzura Union School District has opted into the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA).  As a result, contractors on public works projects are required to register with the District.  This is NOT the same as completing the prequalification process.  CUPCCAA districts must maintain a list of registered contractors.  You can apply at any time, but the list expires annually on December 31.  Applications for the following year can be submitted beginning November 1.

Please see the links below for the Contractor Registration Application and the District's list of registered contractors.

Would you like to apply to utilize JDUSD's facilities?

Please read the requirements and fill out the application below.  Submit the application to Cyndy Hoffmann by email [email protected] or fax (619)669-0254.  Thank you.