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Superintendent’s Message

The Jamul-Dulzura Union School District Board of Education recognizes that providing a high-quality education for all students and increasing student achievement requires clear focus, intentional planning, and alignment of resources along with regular assessment of results. Through the Strategic Planning process, the Board affirms its commitment to continuing, active involvement with the parents, staff, students, and community.

As a school-centered community in a diverse and changing world, we remain committed to educating, enriching and challenging every child by providing to all excellence in our leadership, instruction, opportunities and resources that will develop creative, cooperative and caring life-long learners, independent decision-makers and contributing citizens.

This high standard of service to our students cannot be achieved by the school district alone. It requires the support and contributions of those in the community to help us meet our goals. I believe we have a shared responsibility to provide excellence in service for our children. A life of dedication and commitment to our children is richly demonstrated not only by those who work with our students in the Jamul-Dulzura Union School District but also by our students’ families, local service organizations, and community groups.

Together we will meet the needs of our children today and equip them for the future.

Elizabeth Bystedt, Superintendent