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JES and OGMS Volunteers

Parent Volunteers are appreciated. 

Elementary Volunteers

Parent Volunteers are highly appreciated on all of our campuses.  Volunteers provide assistance and support to students and teachers in a variety of ways.  Volunteers are expected to sign in at the office and pick up a name tag before reporting to classrooms or volunteer area.   Parent volunteers also must sign out as they leave.  All new parent volunteers are expected to read and sign the parent volunteer agreement.

Classroom Volunteers

Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher to assist in the classroom. Please plan to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled volunteer time. The classroom teacher will provide you with your volunteer schedule, directions, and materials.

In order to keep the focus on learning, siblings and toddlers are not permitted.

Field Trip Chaperones 

Chaperones support increased learning on off site field trips.  By providing small group support and supervision, students have an opportunity to answer more questions and have individualized attention. Chaperones are guided and supervised by the classroom teacher.

Room Parents

Room parents assist the classroom teacher throughout the school year. One of the main responsibilities is to coordinate with the teacher to ensure the success of special events.  Responsibilities also include working with PTA to plan the booth for fall festival, coordinating three annual classroom parties, helping as needed to organize field trip chaperones and request extra volunteers when needed by the classroom teacher.  Room parents also organize a teacher appreciation event for the classroom teacher.

Helping Hands Volunteer Workshop

Parents meet in the JPS library or the JIS Teacher Workroom once a week on Friday mornings to assist with copies, cutting, collating, filing, etc. Toddlers are welcome on this day with parent supervision.

School Support

Lost and Found, Book Room coordination, Reading and Math Tutors, Rolling Readers, Library Assistance